Moonlight Waterproof Leash

Type: Waterproof

Our waterproof leashes are the perfect choice for your dog who loves water, dirt, muck or just for those walks in the rain! 


We carefully selected our waterproof webbing supplier to ensure that the webbing is soft and comfortable for you and your dog, whilst also being highly durable! It isnt "sticky" doesn't pull hair or cause irritation and is super easy to keep clean, and best of all is odor free! What's more, the design will never fade on these durable adventure ready leashes! 


Each item is handmade with special care by your Woof & Stuff Family. 

Our waterproof webbing consists of an inner layer of strong high quality polyester webbing, and an outer coating is a waterproof durable layer.

  • 100% waterproof coating, (No more wet, dirty or stinky leashes!)

  • High quality, strong and durable leash

  • Heavy duty, strong and reliable snap hook

  • Built to withstand all your adventures

  • Made in Vancouver, Canada

  • Unique mountain themed designs that will never fade! 

Built to be long lasting, durable accessories for all your furry companions adventures.