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Building a community for adventure seeking dogs and their humans!

WOOF & STUFF is committed to providing quality adventure gear for adventure dogs! We want our brand to be more than just awesome adventure gear! Our vision is to create a growing adventure loving community where we can all share our adventures, tips, tricks and more!

We are very excited to be launching our first Ambassador program and can't wait to embrace this community with you all!

Meet our Ambassadors!

Woof & Stuff

Interested in becoming a brand ambassador? We are an inclusive brand and welcome all adventurers- be that a mountain lover, sup boarding pro, lake lover, campfire queen, cottage cutie, or a hip street kid! We welcome adventure loving dogs from all backgrounds!

What makes adventures so special is that they are all unique and individual, much like our dogs and their personalities!

Want to be a brand ambassador for Woof&Stuff? Stay tuned for updates!

Woof & Stuff

Adventure Gear for Adventure Dogs