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Size Guide

Because dogs aren't a one size fits all kind of deal, even amongst the same breed!

Collar Size Guide

All of our collars are made using a quick release buckle system. We primarily use 2 sizes of webbing, 3/4 thickness and 1 inch thickness.

Our Small and S/M collars are made with 3/4 inch width webbing and our Medium and Large collars are made with 1 inch webbing.

Our collars are adjustable is size and you can find our size guide for your reference below. If your dog is between sizes or our "standard" size range doesnt work for you, we do offer custom sizing too! For custom size requests reach out to

How to measure your dog's neck size

My preferred method of measuring neck size is to simply take a soft tape measure and hold one end against your dogs neck. Take the soft tape measure around the neck, allowing about a fingerspace between the neck and your tape measure. Once in place, take note of the size and compare against our collar size guide above.

Collar Sizing Tips

Don't have a soft tape measure?

No problem, simply repeat the above process using a piece of string or flexible material, mark when the end size is, take this length of string to a flat surface, lay out and measure against a ruler or regular tape measure.

Alternatively, take your dogs current collar adjusted at the size they currently wear, lay it out on a flat surface. Tape a regular tape measure start at the end of one buckle and measure to the other buckle, but be sure to include only one end of the buckle in your measurement.

My dog is at the end of the size range

Size up or Size down! If your dog is at either end of the size range, I would recommend choosing the next closest size, for example if they have an 12 inch neck, better to go with S/M rather than Small. This is to allow for growth and comfort

These sizes don't work for me

Contact us for a custom size! We want your dog to be comfortable in his/her new gear. Reach out to us regarding a custom size

Do you offer any different style collars

Yes! We want your gear to work for you and your dog, please send us a request and we will work with you to create your individual collar

Can I customize the design

Absolutely! This is available for collars only! But we would love to create you a unique collar. Additional charges apply. Contact us today with your request

Leash Options

3/4 Inch Thickness

Perfect for smaller dogs OR smaller hands. Our recommended size for our waterproof training leashes!

We can make this one in 4, 5, 6 or custom length long lines! This thickness is available in Printed Polyester webbing and some of our waterproof prints

Standard Size

If you don't specify a size for the leash, our standard size is 5ft in length. We find this is the optimal everyday length and works great for all dogs!

Try our newest style 5ft leash with a waterproof handle!

1 Inch Thickness

Our go to adventure leash size, and most common width. Our 1 inch leashes available in 4, 5 and 6ft length. This width is available in printed polyester webbing and all mountain waterproof webbing

Rope Leash

Our rope leashes are made from climbing rope, with our signature Woof & Stuff Carabiner! Super Strong, and highly durable!

Available in 5ft length or custom order size.

How to measure for our harness size?

Measure around the widest part of your dog's chest and choose the size which best fits below

Shop Harnesses

Harness Sizes

XS: 16" - 20"

SMALL: 20-26"

MEDIUM: 24-31"

LARGE: 28-37"


Note* Medium Size is available in both 3/4 and 1 inch webbing thickness.