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Woof, I'm Tucker, the dog that blogs. Now you have a name behind this handsome golden face you see all over our site here, lets get started! 

You'll see my face around Woof & Stuff alot, The humans are always putting me in new outfits, its ok through because when they put on the outfit it usually means we're off for an adventure! 

I'm paid a daily wage in bully sticks and/or some other chews, and several tasty treats throughout the day as "tips" for my "hard work" aka"good behavior", although I'm trying to convince the humans to double my allowance, negotiations are still underway.

What I've found to work well is,

1) convince human a to feed you lunch before human b gets home, then act deceptionaly starved so human b quickly feeds you before confirming said meal was already consumed. 

2) Be the right amount of cheeky, this takes skill my furends. You need just the right amount of cheekiness to prompt rewards through treats, but too much gets you in trouble, and too little well, there's missed treats to be earned ')  


If your looking for some super delicious trail snacks, we've got you covered! Tuks Treats (thats me, although apparently they are not all mine.....) My personal favourite is Bison. It's the one i'm coming racing back for, everytime! Try it guys, you wont regret it! 

Stay tuned for more updates and top tips! 


  • My Mom and I love your healthy treats sooooooo much

    Sachi on

  • Hi Tucker, woof Im trying to touch base with your Mom & Dad !!! Where are they living now ? I hope you are able to stay in N.V. I need treats desperately….you know how that goes ….!!!! My Mom is the best and feeds me well. (Bev)

    Sachi on

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